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The smart building platform
to achieve your portfolio targets

The smart building platform to achieve your portfolio targets

EDGE Next Employee Experience & Health


People need to feel comfortable to perform at their optimum levels. That’s why it’s so important for buildings to get the basics right: air, noise, temperature, humidity, and light.


Optimizing your occupancy rate is a balancing act, especially in the new ecosystem of hybrid work. Before you can right-size your portfolio, you need to understand how many people are using your office – and how they are using it.

EDGE Next Space Utilization
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Nearly half the energy consumption in some buildings occurs when no one is present, according to our data. Lights are still on; HVAC systems are running full blast, but nobody is home. No wonder buildings are responsible for 39% of C02 emissions worldwide.


Occupancy drives operations. Too many buildings today are occupied only 30% of the time. So while all those seats sit empty, large spaces are still heated and lit and cleaned and well-stocked.

EDGE Next Operational Efficiency